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Restaurant Round-Up for the Week of May 9
May 9, 2013, 6:00 am
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I’m here to canvas the food blogs…so you don’t have to. When I’m not doing “research,” I’m eating fried oysters at Pearl (top right) and Korean BBQ at Madangsui (bottom left). Otherwise, here’s what’s been going on:

If you’re a reclusive New Yorker, you might be one of the two people in town who missed the James Beard Awards, which went down on Monday at Lincoln Center. For all of the hand wringing that went on about New York not representing, well….they cleaned up.

I hesitate to pass this on, because I’d like to keep this gem for myself…but word on the street is Aquavit has its sh*t together, big time. Chef Jernmark is apparently gunning for a second Michelin star, and the way things are going over there he just might get it.

If you’re looking for fun weekend activities, or sticking around for Memorial Day Weekend, here are FOUR awesome food fairs to check out: Hester Street Fair, Smorgasburg, Madison Square Eats, and Smorgasbar. I’d encourage you to check out Smorgasbar, as it’s supporting the very much still recovering South Street Seaport area. Hester Street is the only one that doesn’t serve alcohol; head over to Loreley or the back bar at Freeman’s for your afternoon tipple.

Get ready: the banana stand is coming to NYC. Yes, that banana stand!

Now that the spring weather is maybe, finally, potentially acting like spring weather, the folks at Gothamist were nice enough to put together two key lists: the best rooftop bars in the city and the best bars with outdoor space. Now go forth into the great outdoors….and drink.