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A Weekend in Nashville
April 17, 2013, 9:03 pm
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Last weekend a friend and I made a quick decision to head to Nashville for not quite 48 hours….purely based on visions of beer, bourbon, and barbecue. I got a lot of flack from friends and loved ones – “you’re going WHERE?” “WHY are you in Nashville for the weekend?” “WTF?” – but it was all worth it. So here’s a quick recap of everything we ate. (Warning: it was excessive.)

We started off Friday night with drinks at Edley’s, where the smell of barbecue was so intoxicating I briefly considered ditching our reservation at City House. I’m glad we didn’t….but I’m sad I never made it back to try said barbecue. Instead, we enjoyed some pretty delicious local beers.

After a round, we headed to City House. The appetizers were phenomenal – some kind of broccoli salad; kale & fregola; and octopus with a chickpea puree that was out of this world. We split two pizzas, one lamb belly with the requisite egg, and a tomato-anchovy one that cut through the fat. Nice balance. Drinks were also delicious – I stuck to gin-based ones while my friend ran down the list of whiskey-based ones and our host[ess] was nice enough to squire us around. Win-win.

Saturday opened with coffee at a local place, followed by hot fried chicken at Hattie B’s – worth the airfare alone, in my humble opinion. $13 gets you some dark meat (or white, if you’re a wimp), 2 sides, and a beer. The heat level goes all the way from mild to ‘shut the cluck up’ – I settled on hot and was pleased but not overwhelmed by the slow burn. Nice little spot.

After meandering through Vandy’s campus and checking out the Frist, we decided we were parched and in need of some respite. This we found at Robert’s Western World, downtown, which offered cheap beer and live music. Yes, this is Nashville, and yes, they have this in spades. It was awesome. (Also awesome is Fireball. You can thank me later.)

Dinner that night was at Holland House in East Nashville, a spiffy little spot next to the well-regarded Pharmacy, which apparently has fab burgers but was too crowded for us to try.

After we got over Holland House’s ridiculous rules (you must be seated in order to drink, and no, that sofa by the front door doesn’t count; oh and also those bar stools have a wait list), we loved it. If you swan in and overhear a bartender with a British accent, introduce yourself and tell him a couple girls from New York sent you. We, ah, made an impression. He’ll take care of you.

We feasted here, and the food was awesome – a solid charcuterie plate with some out-of-this-world foie gras mousse, and some delicious fried yellow tomatoes and a chevre tart. We split a steak (rare) and perused their drinks menu of interesting riffs on old classics. I liked the Warsaw Mule, a take on the Moscow Mule, though looking back I couldn’t tell you what the difference was – only that it was delicious.

By Sunday we were running low on steam – and stomach space – yet still made room for multiple! donuts at the Donut Den and brunch at the Southern, including my first time with chargrilled BBQ oysters. It sounds like an abomination; it’s actually delicious.

And of course by the time we left we had only grazed the surface of where to eat and drink in Nashville – Patterson House, Catbird Seat, and Lockeland Table didn’t make it to the list. And our bourbon consumption was suspiciously low. A reason to head back, if you ask me. Which leads me to my New…Summer’s…..Resolution of 2013: more weekend foodie trips. Are you in?