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The E. 7th Street Crawl
September 27, 2011, 8:57 pm
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I’ll be honest here, and I know it will come as no surprise to you: there’s not a lot of cooking going on these days in the Sarcastic Appetite’s kitchen. There is, however, still plenty of eating and drinking going on. To wit:

A few weeks ago I hatched a plan. An entirely mad-cap plan to eat and drink my way across a few (choice) blocks of E. 7th St. Luckily, my proposed itinerary was met with oohs and ahs and not “oh dear gods,” so off I went one rainy Saturday with a crew of willing friends.

I sort of….forgot to take pictures the whole way through, so you’ll have to bear with my rundown below. We didn’t go nearly far east enough, in my humble opinion – which means there’s got to be a Round 2. Are you interested?

We began at noon at Luke’s Lobster, where I inhaled a Schooner Combo….and half a shrimp roll for good measure. As always, the combo of a warm, buttered roll and cold, seasoned lobster (or shrimp) is perfection. Add some salt & vinegar chips and a ginger beer, and I’m a happy camper. There was no line when I strolled in, but it was jammed by the time we left. We were off to an excellent start.

Next we walked west, to Jimmy’s No. 43. I love this place, probably because I have only ever been in the early afternoon when it is absolutely empty. We set up shop at a table by the window and proceeded to while away the afternoon, playing cards and trying their excellent beer menu on for size. (See top photo.)

Feeling like we needed a little pick-me-up, we headed back east to Abraço for some espresso, drinking it awkwardly in their front window. Seriously, that place is tiny. But the espresso was fantastic, and I have heard wondrous things about their chocolate olive oil cake. Methinks that needs to be filed away for Round 2?

Post-caffeine fix, we were hungry again – or should I say, one of us I had been harping on about arepas and could we possibly swing by Caracas to get some? We did, sauntering in to sit at their teeny bar and wolf down arepas la paisa – the original cheese version. They weren’t as mind-blowingly delicious as I was hoping for, but then again, I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the cheese to melt to get the full effect. So it’s probably my own fault.

Oh, did you think we were finished here? Dearie me, no, we’re only getting warmed up. You forgot it’s my Summer of Champagne and Oysters, so we stopped into Desnuda for a few of both. Clean, briny, and wonderful – though somehow better when you only have to pay $1 a pop for them after 2pm on a Sunday. I suggest you make the trip.

Now that it was approaching dinner time, some in the group were rumbling for some “real” food. It is at this point that I regret to inform you we went spectacularly – but so deliciously – off course. It was a simple question: where to take 5 or 6 friends for an early, hearty dinner on a Saturday night? Momofuku Noodle Bar. Pork buns. Ramen. Done. It was everything we hoped for, and more.

Lastly (I can’t believe we lasted this long either), we needed dessert. Let me be honest: the real reason I hatched this plan to come down to 7th Street was to get to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. I am rarely in the vicinity of the truck (and lately, neither is Doug, since he’s focusing on the shop), so this was my big chance. Friends, it was fantastic. I only wish I had, um, left a little room in the old tummy to give my Monday Sundae its full due. Not to worry – I’ll be back for the Salty Pimp faster than you can say “Bea Arthur!”

Thus concludes our epic tour of East 7th Street. Do you feel full as full from reading this as I do from writing it?

Are there stops we missed? Drop me a line and tell me what to hit up next time…unless you are my doctor, in which case – my cholesterol levels are totally fine!

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