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In the Kitchen with the Ninja, Part 2
July 11, 2011, 7:16 pm
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Many moons ago, I posted a conversation I had with the Ninja after he had not only cooked his own dinner, but photographed his culinary efforts. A few months ago, he did the same thing, with much better results. This conversation’s pretty short since, well, the results speak for themselves. I was actually quite speechless.

Where did you get the recipe for this dish?

Uh, Clay’s brain!? I made it up! It was just duck, and sweet potatoes, and asparagus. Oh, and red wine sauce.

Wait, you made the sauce too? What was in it?

Dates, red wine, butter, duck fat, pepper, and salt, but I mushed up the dates so they caramelized in the sauce and mixed up. Also, the duck breast was enormous.

This dinner came out very differently than the last time you attempted to cook. What do you think changed?

I didn’t follow a recipe WHATSOEVER – I freestyled the bitch.

Hm. How would you say your freestyling efforts differ from my freestyling efforts?

First of all, it’s edible at the end of it. Second of all, I used organic ingredients. Third of all, it probably doesn’t, dude.

You seem to have conquered dinner. What’s next?

….the universe.

Anything else you want to add?

No. When are we doing the next one, since I already cooked the meal, it came out even better than this one, AND I followed a recipe?!


Wait a minute, how many visitors do you get a day? Why haven’t you started a Facebook group? Why aren’t you doing more to publicize your blog?!

Ok, ok, we’re done now.

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