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On Not Cooking
June 14, 2011, 7:04 pm
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These last two months have been quite difficult, for so many reasons, and it’s part of why I haven’t posted here. The last week alone was almost more than I could handle. I needed family and friends more than usual, and so filled my calendar with activities, and dinners out, drinks, even the TastingTable Lobster Roll Rumble and the Taste of LIC (in the same week) (I’m still recovering).

Of course, all those plans came at a price, and that price has been my lack of home cooking, and even my lack of interest in it. My brother the Ninja still hasn’t forgiven me for it.

But there have also been a few positive changes around here. I ended a relationship that was unhealthy and unhappy for so many reasons, and one of the many silver linings to that is I no longer have to deal with an incredibly picky eater. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life, one that includes lots of mayonnaise, and mustard, and onions, eggs, chorizo, and prosciutto, and pancetta, and legumes, and French white wines, and….well, I could continue, but I think you get the picture.

In my absence, though, I’ve had quite a few good meals. We’ll chalk these up to my health and mental well-being. If I were more organized, I’d have taken pictures….but you know I’m usually too busy eating and drinking to bother with that. Some highlights:

Bluepoints and champagne at the bar at The National, followed by their Ugly Burger, which was as delicious as it was difficult to eat.

A low-key Sunday night “family night” dinner with my brother and a very old friend at Corsino, where I had a yummy white bean soup and their homemade tagliatelle with pork ragu.

Those outrageous oyster sliders at The Dutch, rich and slippery, and if I hadn’t been feeling under the weather, I might have ordered about 10 more.

Girly brunches at Morandi and 10 Downing, where I was able to indulge in my love for a good Bloody Mary (extra spicy).

An adorable dinner at Little Giant with a friend from college; we had the place to ourselves as I gorged myself on asparagus salad with poached egg, croutons, and truffle oil, and a chicken liver pâté that was even more decadent. It was delightful and I want to go back for brunch.

More Bluepoints and champagne at the bar at Smith & Wollensky to celebrate my birthday. I’m sensing a theme here. Maybe Summer of ’11 is my Summer of Oysters….and Champagne.

Oh, and last but not least, so many BYO margaitas at Los Charritos in Hoboken with one of my favorite people, and enough shrimp quesadillas to feed a family of four. Or five.

I’ve been cooking a bit more, and I hope to share those recipes with you soon. There are actually some delicious things kicking around here – apparently I haven’t lost my touch. Thanks for hanging around.

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no charritos??

Comment by barb

oh, yes charritos.

Comment by Emily

[…] we were finished here? Dearie me, no, we’re only getting warmed up. You forgot it’s my Summer of Champagne and Oysters, so we stopped into Desnuda for a few of both. Clean, briny, and wonderful – though somehow […]

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