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Restaurant Round-Up for the Week of January 6
January 6, 2011, 8:40 am
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Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a new year and all that. Let’s cut to the chase: highlights from this week’s restaurant round-up.


Pop-up restaurants are the newest rage, apparently. Frank Bruni breathlessly sets the scene: “John Fraser’s new restaurant is doomed. It may make a splash at the start, but by this time next year it will be over, done with, kaput.” Oh, Frank! Fraser’s place in SoHo will only be open for 9 months. What will they think of next, wine in kegs? Oh, wait, never mind.

Meanwhile, the Siftster gives 2 stars to Millesime, the brasserie in the Carlton Hotel on 29th Street. Sifty exclaims “Holy cats!” and commands you to “Eat! Eat!” Of course we won’t disobey; order the lobster pot au feu, with the toasted brioche for dessert.

Grub Street gets word that come January 11, DBGB will start hosting $25 Beer Tasting Tuesdays. The beer and cheese pairings will go down from 5 to 7pm.

With word that both Schnitzel & Things and the Souvlaki GR Truck are opening brick-and-mortar outposts, Midtown Lunch wonders if 2011 will be the year that food trucks go stationary.

Immaculate Infatuation’s busy adding to their own “Lunch in Midtown” list; so far, the usual suspects play starring roles – Cer té, Pampano Tacqueria, but I’m still hoping for an El Rey Del Sabor shout-out. I love those guys.

Eater NY learns that Mike (of Mike’s Apartment, of course) will soon be opening a……Boston style roast beef shop in the East Village? Huh.

And a post script: French 75s have never looked so good.



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