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Restaurant Round-Up for the Week of February 4
February 4, 2010, 8:45 am
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I’m here to canvass the food blogs so you don’t have to. The highlights this week:

The boys at Immaculate Infatuation lay down the law, and say what everyone else (except the Siftster) is afraid to: the food at The Breslin is absurdly fatty and unhealthy to the point that it’s not enjoyable, and the hype is overkill.

Speaking of the Siftster, there’ll be no need to get your panties in a twist about whether he’s given a goose egg or a one spot this week – his write-up this round is on Vancouver’s good eats.

Five Napkin Burger UWS opened Monday; check out the menu here. And because the UWS doesn’t have enough good restaurants, there’s also word of a new tapas place called Graffit that’s slated to open, brought to you by this guy.

Cheryl of A Tiger in the Kitchen checks out Colicchio & Sons, in a revamped Craftsteak, and isn’t overwhelmed.

The rakish (yeah, I wrote that) Scott Conant debuts Faustina on Friday in the old Table 8 space. It’s been open for about a week for friends and family dinners, but starting tomorrow the peons can get something to eat, too.

Rachael Ray weighs in on the best pizza places in America, and Motorino wins. (It’s ok, Adam Kuban and Ed Levine were actually the ones picking the winners, so we don’t have to throw the results out.)

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we should plan a trip to Vancouver post-Olympics. Went there last year and it was highly legit.

Comment by Jacque

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