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Mustard and Herb Chicken
January 25, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Travel delays meant my plane didn’t land in New York until about 2 o’clock this morning, so I’ve been a little out of sorts today. But I knew that not bothering to cook dinner tonight could have disastrous consequences….for my brother, who would have to put up with my crankiness. This is another one of those ready-in-less-than-30-minutes dinners, and it’s really delicious. I’ve adapted the recipe to suit my own laziness; ordinarily you’d blend everything in a food processor, but sometimes I can’t be bothered. Thankfully, it works just as well when you mix it by hand. Use panko if you’ve got it – but regular old breadcrumbs will do just fine (I know, because I’ve tried it myself). I serve this with rice if I can remember to make it – which I did tonight, so I’ll consider that a rousing success. You also might consider zesting a little bit of a lemon in there, or crushed red pepper flakes if you’re looking for a little heat. This recipe is pretty forgiving – I’ve made it with great success when I didn’t have rosemary, another time when I ran out of mustard, and even once when I ran out of white wine. What? The recipe doesn’t call for that? Oh. Right. Yeah….the wine was just for me.

Mustard and Herb Chicken

Adapted from Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2007: An Entire Year of Recipes.

Serves 3.

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts of average size

1/2 c. panko (or regular breadcrumbs)

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 heaping tsp. rosemary, minced

1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese

lots of salt and pepper

1/4 c. + 2 tbsp. nice olive oil

about 2 heaping spoonfuls of mustard

Preheat the oven to 400ºF. Heat an oven-proof saute pan over medium heat; add the 2 tbsp. of olive oil and let it heat up a bit. Add the chicken breasts; sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Cook about 5-6 minutes just one one side, until the chicken is not quite cooked halfway through. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, add the panko, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Mix well, then add the 1/4 c. of olive oil. Mix until the panko is evenly, nicely coated with the olive oil (add a little more oil if necessary). Flip the chicken, then spread a heaping spoonful of mustard over each breast. Mound the breadcrumb mixture evenly over each, pressing a bit with your hands if necessary, so the crumbs adhere to the mustard. Throw the pan into the oven and roast, about 12-14 minutes, until the chicken’s cooked through and the crumbs are golden and crisp. Serve with rice or salad.

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I’m thinking of trying this – question: when cooking the chicken breast for 5-6 minutes – do you mean on one side?

Comment by Karen Taggart

Exactly! I edited it slightly so it should make more sense. Saute one side, then flip and finish in the oven. It’s really delicious. So happy you’re reading the blog! 🙂

Comment by Emily

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