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Curried Chicken Salad
October 31, 2009, 3:30 pm
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I know, I know. Curried chicken salad? I can even hear your eyes rolling: “Way to go, Emily. You’re really making it rain out here with recipes I’ve….actually been making myself for the last ten years, and I don’t even know where my own oven is.”

You’re unimpressed. I get it. And look, you don’t even need to say anything – I went ahead and filled in the dialogue for you. But the other day I read this little number and figured it would be best for all involved if I at least made a fighting effort to ward off dementia, though it appears to be a battle I am already losing.

So I made curried chicken salad for the second time in two weeks, a classic recipe courtesy of my mother (not that the citation really matters, since she recently revealed that she doesn’t have time to read my blog. Thanks, Mom). I may have gone overboard in the curry department, but I’m not really sure….since I forgot how much I put in. Oh, well. I live to fight another day.

Curried Chicken Salad

Serves 2 with a little leftover

1/2 c. salted peanuts

2 boneless chicken breasts, cooked however you like (I typically poach them)

2-3 ribs of celery

2-3 scallions

1/2 c. or so of raisins

roughly 1/4 c. mayo, or to taste (just add it by the spoonful and mix to taste, since you don’t want to overdo it)

lots of salt and freshy ground pepper

several tbsp. of curry powder…I think

First, toast the peanuts in a skillet for a few minutes, until they start to smell nice and develop a little color. Dice the celery and scallions; toss into a large bowl. Make sure those peanuts aren’t burning. Chop the chicken in nice, even chunks and toss into the bowl. Add the raisins and the peanuts, once they’re finshed toasting and have cooled just slightly. Add the mayo little by little (you can always add more….but you can’t take it away). Add lots of salt and pepper, and as much curry powder as you like/whatever will ward off Alzheimer’s. Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything.

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