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Restaurant Round-Up for the Week of October 29
October 29, 2009, 7:47 am
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I know you’ve been waiting all week for this. You don’t need to lie to me. Say it with me: I’m here to canvass the food blogs, so you don’t have to. A few highlights this week:

The Martignetti brothers, who brought you Bar Martignetti in all its WASP-y glory, have revamped the space and rechristened it Brinkley’s. I never darkened the doorway of the former iteration, but will happily check it out now, especially if indeedy they’re serving deep fried Mars bars.

The generally genial Sam Sifton gets everyone’s panties in a twist when he heads to – gasp – Flushing and bestows all of – wait for it – one star on Imperial Palace.

From “Off the Menu”: Accademia di Vino slips across the Park and opens up shop on Broadway and 89th St.; Tipsy Parson now serving Southern-style comfort food, and the Highlands serving no food at all, thanks to kitchen delays.

The good people at ‘inoteca formally announced the opening of their latest venture, corsino cantina italiana, on Hudson Street. (Yes, really all lowercase. Perhaps owner Jason Denton is related to one e e cummings? I shudder to think.)

Bill’s Burger and Bar’s recent opening is still causing a ruckus; The Feedbag’s Josh Ozersky basically had a coronary when he waxed poetic about its sublime burgers, but GQ‘s Alan Richman is having none of it. I have to say I agree with Richman; I ate there close to 11pm on a Friday night and was underwhelmed, given the hype. But, you know, it may just require a second trip….to be certain, of course.

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