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The Fig and Stilton Tart that Almost Wasn’t
October 13, 2009, 11:15 pm
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Alternatively, I was thinking of titling this one “Figs, Halved Lengthwise and Early Onset Alzheimers.” The tart that was supposed to take an hour and a half took more than three. Why? Because I  1) forgot about the puff pastry, so it thawed all the way until it was completely useless, thereby requiring that I open another package of (frozen) puff pastry and wait 45 minutes for that to warm up and  2) also waited until the last minute to throw together the egg and milk mixture…before realizing that I did not have any eggs. Gristede’s, take two.

I know what you’re thinking: who has two packages of puff pastry and zero eggs? Yeah, I know. No comment.

Anyway, once again, despite my best efforts, the tart somehow baked completely and I managed not to break anything. Yet. And it’s actually really good. Just don’t forget to finish it off with some rosemary and hone—damn. Definitely forgot that.


Fig Tart with Caramelized Onions and Stilton

From this recipe in the New York Times, courtesy of Melissa Clark

2 tbsp. butter

2 tbsp. olive oil

2 large onions, halved lengthwise and sliced thinly

1 sprig rosemary, plus extra for garnish

1 tbsp. sherry or red wine vinegar

1/4 c. milk

1 egg

1 sheet prepared puff pastry

1 pint fresh figs, stemmed and halved lengthwise

1 1/2 oz. Stilton cheese

honey, for drizzling

In a large skillet, melt the oil and butter; add the sprig of rosemary and the onions. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the onions are golden brown, about 35 minutes. Add the vinegar and stir.

Preheat the oven to 400º. In a small bowl, whisk the egg and milk together, then stir in the onions. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, then roll out the puff pastry on a lightly floured surface into a 9 x 12″ rectangle, or some kind of shape vaguely resembling a rectangle, and throw it on the baking sheet.

With a fork, spread the onion mixture onto the pastry, reserving some of the egg mixture. Arrange figs, cut side up, in neat rows, then sprinkle the Stilton on top. Use a pastry brush to brush the edges of the tart with the leftover egg mixture; fold the edges over to form a lip and brush with more egg mixture.

Bake until the pastry is puffed and golden brown, 25 to 30 minutes. Sprinkle with the extra rosemary and then drizzle with honey. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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Em, you are your mothers daughter! Your love for cooking and the delicious menu’s you produce are amazing! So fun to follow you and one day, I envision a television program. Step aside Rachel Ray! Don’t forget the little people that walked you to school in the cold and rain every day! Love you!

Comment by Kim Bignon

[…] You’re unimpressed. I get it. And look, you don’t even need to say anything – I went ahead and filled in the dialogue for you. But the other day I read this little number and figured it would be best for all involved if I at least made a fighting effort to ward off dementia, though it appears to be a battle I am already losing. […]

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