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Restaurant Round-Up for the Week of July 30
July 29, 2009, 5:35 pm
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It’s another Thirsty Thursday, and you know what that means: I’m here to canvass the foodblogs so you don’t have to. Here are some highlights:

I’m getting incredibly antsy and there’s no end in sight: Superdive’s been closed every weekend this month for private parties. Maybe I can book ahead for Thanksgiving and take my family??

Take some cash out and fondle it – and then put it back in your wallet, since you’ll no longer be able to use it at Commerce. The restaurant has switched to a credit-card-only policy, claiming it’s a “safety precaution” against the “robberies on the rise” in the West Village. Huh.

Apparently fried chicken is the new bacon: Momofuku’s David Chang is doing private fried chicken dinners at Noodle Bar, inspired by chicken he had off the menu when Andrew Carmellini was in the kitchen at Café Boulud. And, of course, Carmellini himself will be adding fried chicken family-style dinners to the menu at Locanda Verde (which, by the way, is also now serving diners in its courtyard). He said he would back in May, remember? And, because these things come in threes, Butcher Bay just unveiled a bar menu with – surprise, surprise – fried chicken.

Because putting together a basket full of wine and cheese was apparently too difficult for some of you people, TastingTable has taken it upon themselves to map out the best places near all the best NYC parks to get the whole shebang all wrapped up in a basket for you. They’ve even added wine recs and where to pick up a bottle on the way in…just BYO glasses and corkscrew – and ice, if you swing that way. (I won’t tell.)

Beat the heat this weekend with a swizzle, a close cousin of the julep and therefore automatically delicious.

If you’re into brunch, maybe you’re into brunch all the time – in which case, check out the EV’s Permanent Brunch, now open and serving…yeah, you guessed it.

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