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Ten Minute Dinner: Tofu with Spicy Garlic Sauce
July 17, 2009, 9:37 pm
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My senior year of college I lived with ten other girls, at least half of whom were some variation of vegetarian. So the nights we all ate dinner together usually featured some kind of tofu, and often some kind of bean dish for the tofu-disinclined. (Woe to the one girl who despised both.) I, however, relished tofu’s frequent appearances in our house dinners; I always felt like I was eating something genuinely good for me, even if it was doused in spicy peanut sauce and I had already had two helpings. (It’s soy! It’s protein! No one was slaughtered in the making of this product!)

These days, however, it’s another story. The Nutritional Ninja won’t touch the stuff, so I don’t dare make it for dinner. See how nice I am? Upon occasion? Last week, however, a magical opportunity presented itself: the Nutritional Ninja was having dinner with a friend, and that bottle of rosé and I were going to stay in and catch up on important television programs with cultural significance, like 16 and Pregnant and NYC Prep. What a delight!

All I needed was the tofu; I had everything else on hand already. Even better: the whole thing took ten minutes. I also absolutely love that this recipe does not involve dicing the tofu and weighting it and draining it; you just rinse it and throw it in a saucepan of water. I also doubled the recipe for the sauce and added more heat. I couldn’t be bothered with making rice or having some kind of “vegetable” alongside, but if you feel so inclined, knock yourself out. Maybe some kind of Asian-inspired slaw, or some steamed edamame, or a seaweed salad.

Look at this! Isn’t it glorious!? I ate almost all of it by myself. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have so willingly shared that with you all….


Tofu with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Adapted from Gourmet.

Serves 2, but let’s be serious, you’ll need something else to go with it.

1 block, 14 to 18 oz., of firm tofu (not silken)

1/2 c. chopped scallions (about 3)

2-3 cloves garlic

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 heaping tbsp. sesame seeds, toasted

scant 1/4 c. soy sauce

2-3 tbsp. sesame oil

a few dashes of nam pla (fish sauce)

a dash or so of sriracha (optional)

1 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/2 tsp. sugar

Rinse the tofu and then place in a saucepan; cover with cold water, then bring to a gentle simmer over medium-low heat. While that simmers, make your sauce: mince the garlic and then mash it with the salt to create a paste. Add it to a small bowl, then add the remaining ingredients (save for the tofu, obviously) and whisk to blend. Taste as you go along – you might want less sesame oil and more sriracha.

Lift the tofu out, patting it dry slightly with a paper towel. Serve, pouring the sauce over the top, and then garnish with some black pepper.

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I have an eating problem, well, actually, its just a cooking problem. I am rather helpless when it comes to the kitchen, actually, it rather frightens me. What the hell do I do to cook? Do you have any menus to create the perfect diet? I also need a market list cause I have market anxiety too.



Comment by Jay

[…] to a bottle of vinho verde I picked up on the way home: marinate the tuna in a sauce much like the spicy garlic sauce I made for tofu not too long ago, throw together some kind of slaw-like salad with the last sad […]

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