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Restaurant Round-Up for the Week of July 16
July 16, 2009, 11:11 am
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I know, I know, I’ve been totally remiss: I haven’t posted in a week and I’m letting all four of you loyal readers down. (Hi guys!) I need to pull my life together, give my liver a rest, and tell you about this awesome tofu I made last week. Stop laughing, I’m serious. No, really, stop laughing.

At any rate, I’m back today, to canvass the food blogs so you don’t have to. Here are some highlights:

Soon you’ll be able to throw back some cocktails at the New York Public Library, though don’t you dare try to bring them inside. Ok, so it’s actually going to be a new “lounge” behind the library, but whatever, now you can leave your White-Russian-filled Nalgene at home. No? just me? (Kidding, kidding…)

If you like a good listicle, NY Mag covers the top twenty pizzas in NY – with surprise newcomer Kesté presiding at numero uno.

What will those crazy Momofuku-ers think of next? Late night cocktails at Ssam, and alcoholic slushies at Noodle Bar, apparently.

Frank Bruni bestows a measly one star on Graydon Carter’s Monkey Bar. Silly G-Dawg, you know you can’t “lose” the Brunster’s reservation and think nothing will come of it!

The Recession Special of all Recession Specials: $1 eats. 99 ¢ pizza and $1 oysters at various happy hours are not mentioned (Lure, Belcourt, and Dock’s feature them, to name a few), but it’s a good list nonetheless.

Keith Wallace starts swilling crappy Cabernets and gets angry about it: apparently, we’re all falling for inferior wines at exorbitant prices. Stick with Pinot Noirs.

SUSHISAMBA and Bar Artisanal are hosting cocktail competitions in the next few weeks. I’d totally enter SUSHISAMBA’s competition; too bad it’s being held on a Tuesday from 1 to 3pm, when I’ll be at work. They should have consulted with me beforehand. Thankfully, I can enter Bar Artisanal’s competition by submitting a recipe on Facebook. Any suggestions?

Wined and Dined also has a nice little write-up of all the restaurants that are twittering these days. Don’t look at me like that; you should follow them so you’ll hear all about their special deals.

It’s not too late to get your bargain-basement $20 ticket to Chelsea Wine Vault’s “Pink is the New White” tasting on Wednesday, July 22, featuring still and sparkling rosés. Delicious!

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