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Websites about Wine
May 3, 2009, 1:33 pm
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I spend much more time on the internet looking at recipes and restaurants to try than for new wines to taste. Unsurprisingly, that’s beginning to change as I make more of a concerted effort to remember what I’ve tried, what I like, and what I don’t know enough about. Granted, this is not always easy when at times, all I can recall is that it was “something white, might have been Italian.” There are far too many wine websites out there to count; these are just a few to take a look at when you have some time.

Best Cellars will deliver if you live in Manhattan; if you don’t, you can search for wines based on a pretty accessible spectrum: from “fizzy” sparkling wines to “sweet” dessert wines. Everything is $15 or less and they’re always having free tastings – conveniently as I’m headed home from work…

Good Wine Under $20 is, frankly, self-explanatory. Scroll down to the topics list to search by types, or take a gander through the archives.

Snooth is an awesome online resource for everything wine related. Make friends in the forums and ask for recommendations, search for specific varietals, refine your search based on what’s been reviewed this week, and find it in a store near you. Amazing.

Artisanal makes at-home cheese pairings a piece of cake: you select what wine you’re serving, and they suggest the appropriate cheeses. Done and done.

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